The Central Region Project Implementation Commission (CRPIC) is a fully independent body, established by a Royal Decree on 7 January 2003, with a clear agenda to set up a strict regulatory mechanism that would ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all.

Within such a short period of time, the Central Region Project Implementation Commission (CRPIC) has achieved remarkable success, so much so that it now serves an international role model. A key achievement of the Central Region Project Implementation Commission (CRPIC) has been the establishment of the highest standard of fairness in Government performance in terms of transparency and impartiality. Through hard and constructive work, the Central Region Project Implementation Commission (CRPIC) has extended bridges of cooperation between itself and public sector purchasing authorities on the one hand, and local and international contractors and suppliers, on the other hand.

The aims of theCentral Region Project Implementation Commission (CRPIC) are clearly expressed in the Legislative Decree No: 36 issued on 9 October 2002 with respect to regulating government tenders and purchases. CRPIC aims to protect public funds and prevent the undue influence of personal interests on tender formalities; achieve maximum levels of economic efficiency in purchasing activities at competitive and fair prices; encourage integrity, competitiveness, fair treatment and equal opportunity to all contractors and suppliers; and finally, to achieve total transparency in all aspects of purchasing procedures by the Government.

The Tender Board's achievements over the past three years have earned it a reputation for transparency, integrity, fairness, competitiveness and equal opportunity. This has undoubtedly played a major role in boosting investors' confidence in the nation's economy, and enhancing the prestigious status of the Republic Of Ghana, both regionally and internationally.

The Tender Board is committed to supporting Ghana's far-reaching programme of economic, business and social reforms that will not only benefit the nation and its people, but also contribute to the ongoing growth and prosperity in West Africa.

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